Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I just came across my countdown calendar on facebook, and it's at 18 days. I have 18 more days at home. It's kind of frightening. I'm so excited about going, but I also don't know how often I will ever come home again. I am planning on coming home for Christmas, but that may be it. Thanksgiving is too short, hopefully over spring break I'm going to Holland to visit my best friend at her school, and then over the summer, I may be going to Thailand/SE Asia for a couple weeks, and hopefully I'll have an internship. And the type of internships I am interested in don't really happen in Colorado.

It's not only that either. My parents are seriously considering taking up an offer from my Dad's company to move them pretty much where ever in the world they would want to go. I do feel thought that for me, home is more where my parents are than where I grew up. I have really enjoyed living in Louisville/Boulder/Colorado, but I don't know if I will really miss it. It is pretty much the only place I've lived, save Maryland for 18 months when I was 2, and my year in the Czech Republic. I don't know much else. Everyone always tells me that the biggest change will be the weather- humidity, rain.

I guess I will start to see in 18 days. Less than 3 weeks.

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