Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is It a Great Loss?

I am officially without 4 teeth: 1, 16, 17 and 32 I believe. I had heard various horror stories about wisdom teeth extraction, but so far, 16 hours later, mine doesn't seem to be too bad. It was really weird to wake up after the anestesia was a little strange, because I have a vagure recollection of getting the teeth out, but not really. I went home and slept, but after that it all seems pretty okay.

My sustenance for the day has been 2 Jamba Juices, some mashed potatoes and some mac and cheese. And by the mac and cheese (my dinner), I could chew with my front teeth. Progress, I say.

It is kind of important to be okay by this weekend because I have an action filled trip to Moab- rafting, biking and hiking. I'm hoping my three lazy days will mean it's okay.

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