Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life Can Have So Much Fun

Life is cruel sometimes. I guess this isn't the worst it could be, but it could have been better.

So I went to this meeting/seminar tonight for an "urban adventure race" called the Denver Oyster, and of course they were having a raffle. The prizes included t-shirts, some things to do with the race, a pair of new Merrell shoes and two tickets to the Steamboat Wine Festival. And which did I get? The wine festival tickets of course, even though I am not of age and they probably wouldn't even let me in. I thought about offering the guy who won the shoes an exchange, but he seemed pretty happy, and I figured maybe my parents will appreciate them (aka they love good wine-where it comes from, how it's made etc.). I kind of regret that decision, but whatever. Bargaining power.

So this race, which if all works out I'll be racing with Tim '12 and my friend Hannah who is going to the Utrecht School of the Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands next year. We haven't signed up yet, but hopefully that will happen in the next day or two. The race is basically a bunch of legs (6 maybe), with a goal, such as take pictures with all the teammates of certain landmarks in Denver and you are given a method of transportation- running, biking, rollerblading/scootering/skateboarding, rafting, creeking. It supposed to be about a 6 hour race in downtown Denver, but apparently it shouldn't take more than 8 hours.

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