Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the Days Disappear

I was just looking at my calendar to see when I could work at my Mom's office next week, and I realized, I LEAVE NEXT WEEK. This is crazy.

I've been looking forward to going to MIT for so long, but as it gets closer, I get more nervous. I'm still excited about the possiblities, but it's more the logistics I guess- how to get dorm stuff, what to eat, how to meet people. I guess I'm also sad that I will probably only get to see my parent's a couple times a year. I've done it before, but the realization that this could be the last time I ever really live at home is really daunting. I mean, I'm only 17, and this could be the last 2 weeks where I can ever really call my house, home.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard - but fortunately, you don't have to deal with it all at once. The separation from your parents won't hit you until after all the logistics of moving in have been taken care of, and you'll be very busy on campus for a long time.

Sometimes, you'll get those pangs of homesickness. Cry a little. Call home and say hello. Take a picture to keep around. It'll be hard, but you'll move on, I promise =).