Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cultural Houses

So I thought I had this whole thing figured out, I had decided I didn't want to live in a cultural house, but I just got a call from Jackie at French House and now I am utterly confused again. Though I probably won't live in French House due the the fact that je ne parler pas francais, I am awaiting a call from German House. Meh, life is confusing.


Karen said...

german house might be nifty, my parents were all over it when they saw the video (mostly cuz they lived in germany for three years, but also cuz the rooms looked nice and we are like 101% german)

but yeah, at least if you reject all of the cultural houses you'll get BC! did you put down ihouse too?

Becca said...

I put down ihouse, but didn't actually send in the application. German House said that I can decided during REX, so I'm not replying, and then will visit during REX. Best of both worlds. So I'm not replying to any of the cultural houses basically.