Monday, June 16, 2008

I declare myself insane

So I love rowing and am definitely looking forward to it next year, but waking up four days a week this summer at 4:30 to row at 5:30, I think I must be insane. I mean on a normal day I may only sleep till 7ish, but that's still an extra 2.5 hours.

Today was a little odd, being in a boat with 3 other very experienced rowers and 4 people who just graduated from the novice program, all put up in a very strange order, me rowing bow for the first time....ever. But I have to say it was okay. I was rowing behind the coach (turned rower) who taught me how to row. It's nice to follow someone who does everything everyone has ever taught you, and I don't feel like I was doing TOO badly. Hopefully as the new coaches get to know peoples ability, the boats will be divided a bit better, and be faster and actually able to row all 8 (!).

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