Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun Day

So yesterday after waking up at the insanely early hour of 4:30 to go rowing, I had a pretty good day. Rowing was fun- I haven't been in an 8 in, well, probably over 8 months, but it all came back. And I rowed starboard, which I definitely need practice on in order to achieve the goal of the biswepsual (rowing both sides)-ness. I should probably be more proactive in trying to get closer to the front of the boat, but hopefully the coaches will put me there.

Then, after a brief stop at Vic's for an AMAZING vanilla steamer (cheap, good- it tastes like hot whipped cream, but hey- it has milk!), I had my hour at home before heading out again. I went with Kelly and Hannah to go see Sex and the City, and I don't think I've ever had quite as interesting a movie going experience. First, we decided to go to this place out in Westminster, because 1) it had the movie in the morn and 2) it was only $5, compared to the crazy price of $7.75 that AMC charges (even in the morning). First, we had to find the place, at the rundown Westminster mall. We pulled up to this sketchy looking building - the works, no windows, no real signs and then proceeded to wonder why the hell it was so deserted. I.E. no movie posters, and of course, all the cars were on the mall side, not the move theater side. There was one small sign saying something like, "Please join us at the inside theater for movie shows". So it turns out, in all of our brilliantness, that we could figure out that the inside theater meant inside the mall, but that was just the beginning of another adventure.

We were ten minutes late to the start of the movie, but it was still the beginning. So far so good. The guy who sold us tickets looked like a club bouncer, in his white muscle shirt, and bald head, and gold jewelry. Anyway, we got our $5 tickets, walked into the pitch black theater and couldn't see the person ahead of us, or the seats, but luckily we fell onto empty ones (not hard-there were only two other people in the theater). So about 5 minutes after we got there, some blob appeared on the screen. And then it started to spread. Kelly thought it looked like it was on fire. I thought it was like some type of amoeba. It was brown, and it started in a corner, and then it started to spread across the screen and bubble, and then white spots started to appear again. So this was at about 11:00, and we had gotten into the theater at about 10:55 for a 10:45 show. So Kelly went out and told the counter that something was eating the screen in the Sex and the City show, and they ignored her for like 10 minutes, as we sat there and commented on the likeness of Mr. Blob to other things. Then the three of us went out again, and reassured the two grandmotherly types in the theater with us that we would get them to fix it. So they came in and fixed it, which only took them about 20 minutes. Very efficient theater types.

We were back on our way into the world of New York. And of course, about 10 minutes later it stopped again, but luckily this time, it was only for 5 minutes. And after this second interruption the two ladies in the theater let us know they were done, and were going to go get their money back. So us three crazy girls had the entire theater to ourselves, to yell at the scream, comment on clothes and roll around on the floor.

I have to say that I liked Sex and the City. I've never seen the show before, but I didn't really feel that was detrimental. I've heard that people who watch it obsessively feel that the show writing is better, so they didn't like it much, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do have to say I am a softie for more chick-flicky movies. I also enjoy foreign films, and heroes who went to MIT, but I will often watch a chick-flick and the complain about how addictive it is, and the proced to watch another. I'm addicted, what can I say?

So Sex and the City DID have some explicit scenes which made some in our viewing audience slightly uncomfortable *cough* Hannah *cough*, but it was fun to have the theater to ourselves and be able to laugh and talk and roll around on the floor.

One piece of advice though: there is far too much food in that movie to go in and watch on an empty stomach. Every time they ate, we complained how hungry we were. So we of course decided to forgo all the close food options, and headed for cheap lunch specials at Chef King. They have an amazing deal. For $6, you get one of those styrofoam boxes, with the two back parts heaped with rice, the front overflowing with whatever entree you choose, and the on top of that you get a fried wonton, an egg roll and a cup of soup. Best deal ever, and it's good. Again, we could have chosen to assauge our hunger and eat there, but of course we headed over to Starbucks to partake in the corporate coffee drinking culture. I have to say though, a Strawberry and Creme frappe goes really well with mongolian beef. Seriously, it was amazing. And it's always fun to make cute baristas drool over your food and thus be in conversation with them.

To top off a hectic day, my final event was attending my friend's Pre-New York piano recital. To say the least, Leann is an amazing pianist and is so into it, and is so good, and will probably get into Julliard, her top choice school. Despite this, I must admit that most classical piano sounds like elevator music to me, and has a tendency to cause my eyes to glaze over. I can tell Leann is amazing, but nonetheless, classical piano is not exactly my cup of tea. I much prefer things like AC/DC, the Beatles and the Kinks.


Karen said...

1. i will read your blog!

2. i have picked up another prefrosh to be friends with us, thereby rounding out the number to 4, as we so desired. and he has already been tested for the required not-too-sketchiness, and he has all of his shots.

3. i haven't seen sex and the city, but i completely agree with you on the addictive and terrible (or AWESOME) nature of chick flicks. and also that cheap movie theaters are the best, but you have better luck than i do in that our cheap movie theaters are always overrun with old people, who get upset if i yell at the screen

4. good luck with the job hunt - i'm waitressing and it is excellent money, you might try to land a waitressing job. plus you get most of your money in cash, which means that your paychecks are small but you get to impress everyone with your gigantic wad.

Becca said...

I appreciate it! I need something to do this summer. Is he house-trained as well?

I don't know how well I could handle waitressing, but if it doesn't pick up, I may very well.