Saturday, June 28, 2008

Augusto's Last Day

So today is the 28th, and the day that Augusto leaves Louisville for a drawn out journey back to Brazil. It's weird because I do feel like he is my brother, and it'll be weird for him not to be here. I mean, it's only been what, 5 months since he got here late, but I officially have an annoying little brother. Boy, does he know how to push buttons, but it was what I wanted. My sister and I aren't close, and don't get along very well, and I wanted to experience a normal sibling relationshiop, and now I have one.

I don't know when I'll see him again. I was going to try and go to Brazil to visit him and my friend Maria during IAP, but unfortunately, airfares during December and January are about $500 more expensive than any other time of the year. So that was put on hold. And now I'm going to try and go to SE Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore) with my friend Kelly in May, so I really don't know when I can go. School and wanting to get internships make things so complicated.

So basically, hosting was a great experience, and made up for the not so great hosted experiences I had in the Czech Republic, and I forever have a little brother in Brazil. I know he and I both wish he could stay longer, but I think his mother would freak out.

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